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Our health is the most important commodity we have. Thus, it is inevitable to care for oneself. Healthy food is as important as sports but also regular visits to your doctor. He will recognise impending illnesses duly and protect you from them. You should attend screenings at a regular basis therefore. Periodical visits to your dentist, oculist or dermatologist will furthermore save you a lot of money. Costly treatments will not be necessary. Sometimes, however, longer, more difficult treatments are inevitable. If you have an acute or a chronic illness, you depend on your doctor.

The basis for pleasant consultations is trust. You must trust your doctor and your doctor must trust you. If you are suspicious about him or her, you should consider consulting a second doctor. A second opinion might give you more confidence. The diagnosis and the proposed treatment of the first doctor you talked to might be supported. That shows that you can trust your doctor. You might, on the other hand, get another suggestion for what measures to take. It is not necessarily bad. There are always different possibilities of how a doctor can treat an illness. It is up to you who you feel more comfortable with and who shall do the actual treatment. However, you should always reconsider if you are treated well and if you feel comfortable. Getting better is also about the patient-doctor relationship. Bear that in mind!

Depending on which country you live in, it is different if you can go to any doctor right away or if you have to consult your family doctor first. You have to get a referral by your self-chosen family doctor or even a preassigned doctor in many countries before you can go to a medical specialist (in german Zahnarzt). So, you can not simply go to a neurologist if you believe that it is necessary. Your general practitioner has to look at you first and decide whether further consultation of another doctor is required. This saves you and your health fund a lot of money on the one hand because treatment by a specialist is more expensive. On the other hand, it can make things more complicated, especially if it is obvious where you need to go.

Going to a doctor is nothing that you should take lightly. Your health is important – not only for you!