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Top members

Are you special? Do you put particular effort in something, for instance your football club, a photo community or a local club? The longer and harder you work, the more likely you are to become a top member. Top members get many benefits and are renowned. You will also have a stronger voice in decisions. When it comes to rule in a certain matter, they will ask you about your opinion and certainly take it into consideration. Being one of the top members of a club or community opens you never seen possibilities.

There are many ways and opportunities to become a top member. Stores for instance have benefits for top members nowadays. If you buy at a shop regularly or purchase something particularly expensive, they might give you top member benefits. You will get discounts and little gifts and be informed about special offers earlier. Usually, you get a membership card that identifies you. Discounts are saved on your top member account. So, you can choose when you want to use the discount. Also, you will often be served faster. For you, queuing is no longer necessary.

In an online community, top members are usually those who contribute a lot and share their knowledge with others. You as a top member keep the community alive and help those who have troubles with the subject matter. The longer you are active, the better your reputation will be. You may get access to special top member areas and be promoted to be a moderator.

Top members in a club, a gulf-club for example, are those, who are active for a long period of time already. If you play gulf in your club for several years already, have a good handicap, or donated money, you will most likely become one of the top members. While beginners usually do not have any particular rights, you as a top member are let in on the secrets of the club. Your voice is heard when it comes to make important decisions.

Top members profit by many benefits. It is always worth it to look, if there are special offers for top members available. You should consider becoming one of the top members, if that resounds to your advantage. So watch out for top member offers. Top members are something special, YOU are something special too.