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Wiki Center

A wiki center is a system to collect articles and to allow every writer to edit it. It can be used on an offline network, for example on a university, or on an online network. You can write a text and make it accesible for everybody. The text written by you can be edit by everyone. If you you find a mistake in any text you can edit it. So a wiki center is based on knowledge and eperience of people who write and edit text. The pro on it is that there is a big collection of information which you can use around-the-clock. And a wiki on itself diposes on non-lincensed texts what you can use, edit and copy. But there are a few drawbacks.

The biggest is that you can’t be sure that the information the texts contain are really correct. Often the information texts contain are not completely right. Many texts diverges in substance. So a wiki is inadvisable for people searching for information for example for a skilled work, for what all information has to be correct. But it’s advisable for people for example who just want to inform a little bit about sth. The first wiki Center was created in 1994 by Ward Cunningham and was online on the internet in 1995. It was used to collect information. First Cunnigham called it Wiki-Wiki what is the name of shuttle bus on airports at hawaii, where he spent holiday. Later the name was edit in just wiki. One of the most important and biggest wiki center is Wikipedia.

It was found 2001 and today it collects more than one million texts in about 190 languages, what shows how much the importance of wikis has been growed in the last years. Texts on wikipedia are a seperated at some topics like geography, science, sport. You can search a text in a topic or you can directly search for anything. Wikipedia offers a lot of texts to many different topics. Texts to nearly everything can be found in Wikipedia. All in all this shows that in wiki center today there are collected a lot of information, more than in any dictionary. It is a big help if you can acces on such big number of information everytime and everywhere. So it is useful for example for pupils searching for informtion for a report.